Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Africa

My Africa

by Jenneffer Sixkiller
September 2009

A place where the stars surround me
like a blanket of hidden secrets
just waiting to be revealed.

Where the sun's departure leaves a trail
So colorful that it
Takes my breath away.

Where I run with gusto and leave a trail of children
in my wake
Whom I know will remember me tomorrow.

Where the roosters are confused
But sometimes so am I

If I make enough hand gestures, and
Say dumela with a smile
Someone will understand me.

Where I never know
Which child belongs to whom
And it doesn't even matter

Where the scent of orange blossoms
Perfumes the air and
Permeates my memory

Of who I am
of who I was,
of who I can become.

Where I have a new family,
a new hane,
a new home.

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