Wednesday, August 31, 2011

past due date, still waiting for godot

It's been nearly two weeks since we moved into our new house on Willow Oak Road, and it really feels like home.  My sister and I were both pretty nervous about moving, because we thought it just seemed so far away from many of the places we frequent:  doctors offices, YMCA, splash parks, shops, etc. but it's manageable, and it's really peaceful to live near the lake.

We've been working non-stop at a steady pace; unpacking, hanging, cleaning, cooking, while our dad has been doing things like putting doors on, fixing doorknobs, changing light fixtures, etc.  The house had not been kept up all that well, and it just seemed easier to us to get as much taken care of as possible before the new addition to our family arrives, either Jannat or Jasmir.

I've not been able to cycle or swim, or use the elliptical everyday like I had become accustomed to before the move, and that's starting to really bug me.  I have been plenty busy, and take a walk everyday as well as my yoga routine, but really looking forward to some activity again.  Come on baby!  It's really weird to think that in a matter of mere moments, I just won't be pregnant anymore.  Oh, and then there will magically be another human appearing.  I don't know how I'm going to feel about it, only time will tell.

Walking takes twice as long now, with this enormous pressure in my lower back.  I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and do a double-take, as no human should have to protrude that much from one area of the body- it's very odd. 


  1. Hey Jenneffer, yeah, it really is crazy! One day you're pregnant, then one day (or if you're unlucky, several painfully slow and excruciating days) later you've got a baby and you'll forever be a parent in charge of not just yourself but also a little person. Anyway, it's an overall quick and strange transition, but it makes sense that the transition is also quite dramatic. The changes in your life forever after will be no less dramatic.

  2. Hey Jenn, it's different, but it's not. You have been carrying the baby for 9 months and probably talk to him/her and touch and listen. Soon you will be able to do all that and the baby will be on the outside. You will still be carrying him/her, talking and listening, with the added joy of feeding him/her. When my babies were born it seemed like the most natural thing to go on caring for and about the infant that had been nurtured inside of me. And, although the baby bump will go down somewhat after birth, it will take a little longer before it goes away altogether, meanwhile your breasts will become huge until they get used to producing milk. Give yourself about 2-3 months following birth before you expect to see your original body shape. And by that time, all you will care about is the new little person that is keeping you busy every day. :-D B