Friday, March 4, 2011

Censorship of the worst kind

A friend of mine was participating in some organizational training recently, was chosen, in fact, from a large group of applicants, to offer his assistance, expertise and support. After spending a goodly amount of time helping in a multitude of areas, even ones he did not agree or feel qualified to do, he wrote a thoughtful, but critical blog about his experience.

He was supposed to return a few weeks later, after a short hiatus, but was asked not to return and reprimanded by two separate individuals from said organization who read his post. This same organization requests all volunteers who keep a blog to post visibly that the opinions expressed are only those of the individual, and do not necessarily reflect those of the organization. This same organization also recently decided to send a volunteer home because of something posted by a fellow volunteer which put the person in a bad light, breaking a rule.

Last i checked, both blog posts are still available for viewing. But this volunteer who posted negative OPINIONS that he FEELS, was punished by being asked not to return to help with trainings. For how long, i do not know. The other volunteer, the one who ratted out the one who got ousted, was reprimanded in any way? Seemingly not. Censorship of the worst kind; selective and self-serving.

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