Sunday, July 18, 2010

Survival of the fittest- feeling the blahs

I came to the realization yesterday that i might have a parasite. I knew something was not right, but thought it might be the cold and wind, or post vacation blues.

i was helping take care of a sick friend who doesn't boil water, so maybe i picked something up there. It's really something that divides the worlds-development and basic sanitation. Clean water is something most people around the world do not have and we americans take for granted. I have lamented in a previous post that a majority of my time revolves around water, but for good reason. One careless time of not boiling and one contracts cholera, parasites or who knows what.

i stayed with some fellow american friends who experienced the same thing before. The anecdotal evidence out here in volunteer land is priceless. Never before would i put so much stock into something so un-scientific, but changing with the times must happen for survival of the fittest. I truly feel like i have morphed into another species sometimes.

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  1. I've been watching a show called Monsters Inside Me. It's all about parasites, some microscopic, some visible to the naked eye. I know that you are careful, but even the most careful people can get them. I guess all I can say is keep being careful. If I were in your situation, I would be on guard all of the time, but I am anyway. I worry about microscopic parasites all of the time because I'm obsessed with germs lately, mainly because I have a kid. I let her crawl everywhere, but I find myself washing her hands and my hands so much that I have eczema. It's amazing how the human race all over the world has survived.