Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend, several volunteers, including myself, got together for some r and r in a nearby town. As usual, talk is flying a mile a minute (should say kilometer) with people eager to catch up. It seems every time i share with other volunteers what i am doing in my village, i inspire them. This surprises me, but also really makes me happy. I apparently have made more headway in 6 months than many volunteers do in a year and a half. The match, me and my village and co-workers, is providentially great. I love the kalahari (if you had not figured that one out already). I like people, and they have accepted me with open arms. So is it luck, i don't know but i think not totally. Anyway so far, so good and i think i have been working too hard. My major challenge now is learning my limits and how to say no. Today, i accidentally met the other librarian at the only other library in our entire province, and intived her to our workshop this friday. I thought i was finding the municipality but this was even better. Incidentally i am looking at the most gorgeous yellow full moon i might have ever seen. Peachy keen!

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